Quite a while ago I was sent a bunch of 1000 hour individual eyelashes to test out:

Picture 12

To be honest I wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of individual lashes, it sounded like an awful lot of unnecessary effort to me. I mean who really wants to apply full eyelid’s worth lash by lash? Who has time for that either? It wasn’t until I did a bit of a rethink and took some inspiration from the lovely SuperKawaiiMama that I got some inspiration.

DSC_0034_091123_4004 copy

These lashes are perfect for a cute casual look. You don’t actually need to put lashes over the whole eye to get an adorable effect, these are perfect for a cat-flick at the side! Ok so here is how to do it ^_^ These are my lashes to start with, I’ve applied some mascara and given them a little bit of a curl.

DSC_0001_091123_4035 copy

Before: cute and casual look.

DSC_0002_091123_4034 copy

This is the packet they come it, it’s a step up from 90% of other lashes available in Australia because the little tray they come in actually has a lid. I hate when you get lashes and they just come in the tray, it makes them useless for storage! This however is good and you get a lot of them in a pack so they last a while especially if you reuse them.

DSC_0004_091123_4032 copy

So to begin with get one of the little bunches.

DSC_0006_091123_4031 copy

And some scissors.

DSC_0008_091123_4029 copy

And cut the tip of the bunch on an angle. You need to do 2 of these (one for each eye so cut them in opposite directions). This is the part that will gradiat to the longest lashes on the ends. If you don’t have one of these it will look like you’ve just one a random flick on the edge.

DSC_0009_091123_4028 copy

This is what they should look like.

DSC_0012_091123_4025 copy

Now grab your lash glue. I would not recommend this brand unless you are allergic to others like me.

DSC_0013_091123_4024 copy

Add a tiny bit of glue to the base of the bunch. Depending on the glue you’re using you will probably need to wait for it to get tacky before applying.

DSC_0014_091123_4023 copy

Ok now apply it to you lash line, you should apply it a couple of mm before the end of your lashes. Once you apply the bunch, give it a little pinch to make sure it’s in line with your natural lashes.

DSC_0020_091123_4018 copy

Here is a photo of it applied to my lashes, you can barely see it because the shape blends into the length of my natural lashes. In the next photo I’ve highlighted where it it.

DSC_0022_091123_4016 copy

This is where it is placed, if you compare the below and above photos you’ll be able to see exactly what I mean and the angle of the cut.

iDSC_0022_091123_4016 copy

This is how it looks when my eyes are open, it’s much easier to see here but you can still see how it blends.

DSC_0023_091123_4015 copy

And here it’s highlighted…

DSC_0023_091123_4015 copy

Ok! Now you want to get 2 more bunches per eye. These ones should be full sized. Do them one at a time so you have lots of control over the placement. Add the glue!

DSC_0024_091123_4014 copy

And this time we’re going to place this bunch next to the one we just did on the outside side (closer to the corner of the eye). You should make sure that the last one sits on the very edge of your lash line. By the time you’re finished you should have 3 bunches on each eye (2 full ones and 1 angled one).

DSC_0028_091123_4010 copy

Once you’ve placed them if you want you can add another coat of mascara to make all the lashes the same thickness or even curl them again. One other tip I have is that if you find they are sticking up at a different angle than your natural lashes, give them a coat of mascara and pinch them together with your natural lashes gently. The mascara will act like a light glue!

DSC_0032_091123_4006 copy

So this is what you should end up with:

DSC_0037_091123_4001 copy

And here is where the lashes are:

iDSC_0037_091123_4001 copy

With eyes closed you can really see the difference:

DSC_0042_091123_3996 copy

And highlighted!

DSC_0042_091123_3996 copy

So there you go! This look is great as an everyday look because it’s not too heavy but the flick at the end is super cute. Now as for a review of the actual lashes I found them to be really good. I was really surprised at how durable they were, I’ve used the same 6 for this look several times. The best thing that I found was that they were comfortable enough to sleep in… probably not something I need to worry about every day but great when you’re on a 7hr plane trip! I was worried that because they weren’t held on by much glue that they would be hard to keep on but I haven’t lost one so far. You can get them from Priceline, Kmart and other beauty supply stores for around AU$7.95 which is an average price for lashes here in Aus. I really like them and I’ll be buying them again… though with this many in a tray I probably won’t need to for a long time hahaha! Have you ever tried the 1000 hour individual eyelashes?

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