It has been quite a while since I did a post just on nail art hasn’t it?!

I think that’s probably because I’ve been so crazy busy with moving house and everything else I just haven’t had time to do anything fun and time consuming like that. Now that we’re all settled in I’ve finally had a chance to have a little relax and do something for myself ^_^

DSC_0001_091127_4191 copy

Yep leopard print! I’ve been a little bit obsessed with leopard print lately!

DSC_0002_091127_4190 copy

While I was doing this I videoed everything so if anyone’s interested I’ll make a tutorial. It’s a lot easier than it looks!

DSC_0005_091127_4187 copy

Everything was done freehand, I think that the black tips and orange jewels really make it pop, and it looks amazing in the sunlight!


Also I want to give everyone the heads up that I’ll be moving to my own domain soon so you’ll all have to update your RSS readers and favorites etc. Don’t worry I’m going to make it worth your while though… The week that I move over I’m going to post something cool every single day of the week that you guys have been requesting. Lots of tutorials and things and a competition. It’s not quite ready just yet but I hope you’ll all still visit me in my new home 😀

Also don’t forget to vote for my new camera’s name on the side bar! It’s neck and neck at the moment ^_^ Hope you enjoyed the nail art in the mean time!

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