Wow you guys all really came through with the entries for my name my JVC Picsio camera competition! So many entries 😀

So here is a list of everyone’s entries, scroll down to see the finalists and vote for your favorite ^_^

Nixxy- Joey Jo-Jo Shabadoo!
Rumtumtigger- Naomi, Ayumi
Angel- Coco
Hear Mum Roar- Penelope
Karla- ickle
Dyra- kuchi-kuchi
TrayTable- Minnie, Handie
Jaede- Miss Indiana Jones
Naka- Pikachu, Kirby
Esz- Peko, Kichi, Beebi
Abby- Happy Days, Happy Damsel Inc, Heart Diamond (made out of pictures), Just Violets Camera
Kara- Susan
Jillian- Equine, Jillian
Auroragyps- Blinky
Moon- Hontas
Lolitadewdrop- Finky/Francis

There were so many cute entries that it was quite hard to narrow it down to 3… dun dun duuuuuuun dramatic pause…

Coco (suggested by Angel)
Kichi (suggestd by Esz)
Minnie (suggested by Traytables)
So if you want to cast your vote just do so on the side bar, votes close at midnight my time on Friday and the winner will be announced next Monday. <3

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