Hey everyone, I have something a bit fun for you all today 😀 So as you would all know I’ve been doing some fun videos lately and to do them I had to buy myself a new video camera. I wanted something HD but small enough that I could just pop it into my handbag.

After much umm-ing and ah-ing and comparing of specs I decided to buy a JVC Picsio.


I think I made an awesome choice because not only is it cute, for a tiny little thing it’s good quality too. I’m going to leave the technical review to James when he gets a chance but if you want to read more here is a good review which compares all of the current mini HD cameras on the market.

Now I have a habit of naming all of my appliances, my iphone is called Ruri, my computer is called Sophie and my old laptop is called Edward (no not after the stupid vampire!). I wanted to deco it but I’ve decided to wait until it has a name…And this is where you guys come in… my new camera needs a name!

The winner will get to request a tutorial/video/post about whatever they like (within reason obviously eg. no I will not do a tutorial on pole dancing).

So what you need to do is submit your favorite idea for a name in a comment here or a message to me on twitter. I’ll pick the best 3 and then everyone will vote for a winner. You have until midnight this Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time) to submit your idea then voting will start on Monday.

If you’re stuck for ideas here is some information about it!

The camera is super tiny and super light, here it is next to my iphone…

DSC_0046_091121_3809 copy

I bought one of those gorilla stand thingies so it can go anywhere and likes to adventure… even hanging off the side of a table.


It lives in a little pink case in my hand bag and once we’ve picked a name I’m going to cover it in deco goodness.

DSC_0031_091121_3824 copy

It has this cool finish on the front that kind of looks like quilting…


There are lots of fun buttons on the back…


So there you go! I’m looking forward to seeing what names you guys come up with and what tutorials/posts you request ^_^

Now here are some posts that are coming up over the next few weeks just so you don’t request them 😉
-Craft tutorial: how to make a cute display for holding/organising headbands
-Hair tips/how arrange flowers in hime style hair for maximum effect
-Ideas on organizing your space for blogging (including a tutorial on customizing an ordinary lighting/a lamp like this one from Buyster into something adorable)
-Tip for decorating a cute Christmas tree

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