So you’ve probably all read my post on my Dominos Pizza experience here. A couple of things have happened since that post so I thought I would update you all…

After I made my post I forwarded it to the complaints department at Dominos. They contacted me with the same copy-pasta (pun completely intended) response about how they adhere to safety standards etc that they anonymously commented with in the blog post. After a few emails back and their complaints department said they would forward my complaint to the franchise owner and send me a voucher.

Yesterday this turned up… It’s a voucher for 2 pizzas, garlic bread and a coke delivered free. The fine print says “A charge may apply to Big Taste Pizzas, half ‘n’ half pizzas, additional toppings, indulgent crusts and promotional pizzas. Valid for cash payment internet orders only.” They included a hand written note which says “Enjoy” which I thought was pretty damn funny. I don’t think I’ll be using the voucher but perhaps one of my friends would enjoy it.

Today I got a call from the franchise owner. We spoke for around 20 minutes and he was beyond apologetic. He explained that everyone involved was going to be retrained and they were going to have a staff meeting to discuss what they could do in future. He agreed that the guy who took out phone call should have escalated the call to a manager and I should have been offered a refund on the spot. He then sent a delivery driver out to my house to refund the entire amount we spent that night.He also gave me his personal mobile phone number in case we had any more problems.

This is the service I expected in the first place. And while I totally appreciate that it *might* have taken this long for the owner to actually find out about the situation, it really shouldn’t have.

While I am happy to have my money back, I honestly don’t think that they would have taken any notice of my complaint at all had I not been complaining very loudly on the internet. I know this because of all the stories I heard from you guys with similar complaints that were never settled!

Food for thought and there is the end of my Dominos Pizza tale 😉  

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