Update: Additional details on my problem with Dominos Pizza can now be found here.

Seeing as I’ve been really busy this week with the last of moving and cleaning the old apartment I thought that I’d share an interesting experience with you all. Normally on this blog I talk about stuff that I love but today I want to talk about something that I hate: bad customer service.

People on my Twitter has already heard this story but for the rest of you… last Saturday we had spent the entire day cleaning and packing boxes. James and I were pretty tired and my school friend Milissa was staying with us so we all decided to get Pizza. The decision was to get Dominos and I decided to try out their new Puff Pastry Pasta Bowls.

Sounds delicious right? That’s what I thought too until I got 3 bites in and discovered this in the box…

A squished COCKROACH!!

Up until this point I hadn’t really been paying attention to my meal but on closer inspection the fork that came with the meal had already been used AND had a hair on it. EWWEWWEWWEWW!SO DISGUSTING! I was so horrified with all of this that James had to call Dominos for me *_* The manager didn’t even apologize! WTF?! He just said “You can either get sent another one sometime tonight or get a free pizza next time”. What am I expected to eat this one and get a free pizza next time? How ridiculous!

So 40 minutes later the new one shows up and the delivery guy shoves it through the door and walks off. By the time he got there I was feeling like throwing up more than eating another pasta bowl *_*

Bad customer service makes me so mad and they are really only shooting themselves in the foot. Had they been apologetic about it and offered free garlic bread or refunded my money I wouldn’t be nearly as angry as I am! In fact I probably wouldn’t have made this post or reported them to the health department (anyone know where I can do this in Aus?). Sincere apologies count for a surprising amount.

The lesson: if you own a company bad customer service will always come back to bite you. Guess where I won’t be ordering from again? Oh yes, Dominos Pizza.

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