Hairstyle Questions and Answers

Lately a couple of people have been asking about how I do my hair style and decorate my hair.

When I posted my make up tutorial Victoria Suzanne from Lolita Charm asked:

“I’d love to know about the roses in your hair – did you make them and how are they in such a cute little band? “

Here is a screen shot of my hair from the tutorial (the best one I could find anyway!)

So I thought today that I would talk a little bit about hair and show you how you can turn pretty much anything into a hair clip ^_^

Name my JVC Picsio camera finalists!

Wow you guys all really came through with the entries for my name my JVC Picsio camera competition! So many entries ๐Ÿ˜€

So here is a list of everyone’s entries, scroll down to see the finalists and vote for your favorite ^_^

Nixxy- Joey Jo-Jo Shabadoo!
Rumtumtigger- Naomi, Ayumi
Angel- Coco
Hear Mum Roar- Penelope
Karla- ickle
Dyra- kuchi-kuchi
TrayTable- Minnie, Handie
Jaede- Miss Indiana Jones
Naka- Pikachu, Kirby
Esz- Peko, Kichi, Beebi
Abby- Happy Days, Happy Damsel Inc, Heart Diamond (made out of pictures), Just Violets Camera
Kara- Susan
Jillian- Equine, Jillian
Auroragyps- Blinky
Moon- Hontas
Lolitadewdrop- Finky/Francis

There were so many cute entries that it was quite hard to narrow it down to 3… dun dun duuuuuuun dramatic pause…

Coco (suggested by Angel)
Kichi (suggestd by Esz)
Minnie (suggested by Traytables)
So if you want to cast your vote just do so on the side bar, votes close at midnight my time on Friday and the winner will be announced next Monday. <3

Name My New JVC Picsio Competition :D

Hey everyone, I have something a bit fun for you all today ๐Ÿ˜€ So as you would all know I’ve been doing some fun videos lately and to do them I had to buy myself a new video camera. I wanted something HD but small enough that I could just pop it into my handbag.

After much umm-ing and ah-ing and comparing of specs I decided to buy a JVC Picsio.


I think I made an awesome choice because not only is it cute, for a tiny little thing it’s good quality too. I’m going to leave the technical review to James when he gets a chance but if you want to read more here is a good review which compares all of the current mini HD cameras on the market.

The Perfect Vintage Christmas – Violet Vision

Good morning everyone, I’ve got another video for you all today and it’s on my version of a Vintage Christmas!

The delightful Super Kawaii Mama is having a competition at the moment and the winner will walk away with some absolutely beautiful prizes including gifts from Blue Velvet Vintage, For Luna and Notorious Kitsch!

So all you needed to do to enter is show what your Perfect Vintage Christmas would look like. Btw, how cute is the little banner she made for the comp below?




So because I’ve been a bit obsessed with my video camera lately I decided to make a video…

So I guess what I was trying to say is that my Perfect Vintage Christmas takes a lesson from the cliche 50’s and 60’s values as well as style ^_^

Hope you enjoyed my vintage Christmas video!

ACEO Friday!


Ok so this technically isn’t an ACEO but I just finished it so too bad you can all look at it XD

This one started as a joke between the hilarious Nixxy (if you love nail polish you should totally check out her blog!) and I. At the time I had just been told I might have Lupus so I decided that if someone asked me what Lupus was I would just tell them I was a werewolf ๐Ÿ˜€ This led to a discussion about a Hime style werewolf terrorizing the town in search of brand and diamantes!

I probably should have spent a bit more time on this, I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out. I think it needs a lot more details and fine tuning. It really was quite a quick sketch… I’ve just been to lazy/busy to finish it!

So if you wake in the dead of night and the moon is full, listen closely you might hear the lone hime wolf’s cry of… “Jesuuuuuuuus Diiiimaaaaaaaaaaanteeeeeeeeeee! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Real ACEOs next time… maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

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