A warning that there are a lot of photos in this Singapore post so be prepared πŸ˜€

If these photos just aren’t enough, I’ve uploaded a large selection of everything we took over at my Flickr account. Hey it’s not everyday that someone flies you to Singapore for free so I took a lot of photos!

So starting on Thursday night, our flight was at like 11:45pm so James’ Dad drove us to the airport and we chatted before going through security and customs and doing a little shopping. We were keeping an eye out for Erica from Girl With a Satchel who was the only other blogger coming from Brisbane. We travel in style baby!


This is a kind of silly inside joke but ever since we started going out like 2 and 1/2 years ago James has been promising to buy me a mood ring and he finally did! Hahaha guess what I’m feeling!


The food and service on the plane was lovely, we flew with Singapore Airlines. They gave us little travel packs with socks and tooth brushes, how cute! For dinner we had yummy noodles.


We arrived at the Link Hotel at around 5am and we were all so tired that we piled into bed! Erica was only a couple of rooms down the hall from us which was awesome! She was such a wonderful traveling companion, we had lots of fun together! Here is our hotel room…


To give you an idea of the size, that’s a double bed and the wall is behind the desk on the right. My little laptop Edward lived there but the internet connection was very sketchy so I couldn’t post πŸ™


After a few hours napping we met up with Erica, Candice and her husband Craig for an… interesting breakfast. Erica ordered coffee with skim milk and they brought her a cup of frothed milk. I ordered tea and they brought warm milk tea like you would have with pearls in it… it was very pretty though!


After breakfast we headed out to a shopping center and shopped around, the girls were super excited that there was a Zara! We met up with Grace and Dave here and she introduced herself by sneaking up behind me, poking me in the back and whispering in my ear “GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY!!” she managed to scare the hell out of me XD

I bought a pair of earrings and Candice bought me a shiny pink bling ring, the shop assistants kept telling I looked like a Barbie Doll so we took a photo together XD


Erica was sleepy so she went back to the hotel while Candice and I got pedicures! Ah felt so good and so much nicer than the places here in Aus! Woo for deco iphones!


After that we went back to the hotel to get ready for the awards, which you saw last post so I’ll skip to the next morning which was Friday. I stayed up after the awards and got up early so I could pin curl my hair. I was going to take hot rollers but they were too heavy so I learned to pin curl instead. I was super happy with the results and they lasted all that day and night! James and I met up with Candice and Craig for breakfast at the hotel before the tour started.


Our first stop was the Mint Toy Museum… which is exactly what it implies: a museum for old toys in mint condition. Our tour guide was hilarious, this kind of sums the whole thing up:


I got to pose with a life size model my childhood hero Tintin and his dog Snowy as well as Captain Haddock so I was happy!


We were literally like kids in a toy shop amongst all of the memorabilia! Old favorites like Strawberry Shortcake brought back childhood memories and it made me sad to see the new slutty version they’re trying to pedal now.


Next we went to the Museum of Early Chinese Settlers. You should all note that I’m saving the cutest girliest photos for a special treat on Monday or Tuesday πŸ˜‰ You’re going to love it!


We stopped for lunch at an insanely busy crowded pavilion. Everything was so cheap and there were so many smells in one small area!


It was so awes
ome to be with other people who understand the importance of photos XD


Our next stop was the Singapore Planning Museum. They had a replica of all of inner Singapore in miniature! Oh what’s that I spy down there?




We stopped off for a spot of shopping but the museum of planning kept reminding me to look at the architecture XD There were so many pretty buildings, I wish my windows were rainbow!


The next stop was Merlion park which I was totally looking forward to!


We spent ages just being silly and taking photos, most of those will be in the post on Mon/Tues.


Lots of posing!


Our next stop was the Singapore Flier which is basically a very fancy ferris wheel.


The view from the top was great!


We were fortunate that our capsule was full of awesome people!


Group shot! James, Me, Candice, Craig, Christie with little Immy and Erica.


It was such an action packed tour that Nuffnang had planned at this point we took some time out to just chill with some cocktails at the bay. I had a mocktail version of the “Sinagpore Sling” and it was yummy!


Little Immy was so adorable she had herself a bunch of admirers when the day was done. Here she is with Martin from Nuffnang, she was eating ice cream, too cute!


James made me take this picture of him next to the bus. Low brow humor…


That night we went to a crazy shopping center called Mustafa. There is no way to describe it other than insane. So huge, sold everything from cosmetics to diamonds to cheap shoes to frozen goods to ANYTHING. It was so hard just to find the exit once we were in *_* The lights outside were beautiful though.


We had dinner at a celebrity hot spot (apparently) and out the front there was the ultimate deco project… a motorbike!


I had the most disgusting grass jelly drink for dinner. It was like frozen rice noodles in sugar water. ICK.


After a good night’s sleep we were ready for shopping again πŸ˜€ Quick breakfast and some photos.


We headed off to Orchard Rd for fancy upmarket shopping.


I bought a bunch of Japanese magazines, I was so happy! They are like 1/3rd of the price compared to Australia!


The boys played Wii Sports Resort while we all shopped.


Then it was our last shopping stop for the trip…. SIM LIM SQUARE! Everyone had been waiting so long to get here, it’s basically a whole shopping center devoted to gadgets and cameras πŸ˜€ I wanted to get a video camera (mission unsuccessful) and James wanted to look at lenses. We ended up spending 3 hours there because everyone wanted to bargain for things! Some of the guys got really good deals t
oo πŸ˜€ I had a hilarious experience with Grace as she put on her famous Singaporean accent to try and bargain on my behalf XD The shop keeper was a nut job and he was yelling at us not to leave! Grace’s bargaining skills were so awesome she even got $5 off a steam iron which was supposed to be set price!


While we were wandering around waiting for the boys to finish haggling Kruppy took us on his magical tour of the past and educated us on the subtitles of the landline phone XD

IMG_0474 copy

Apparently his tour made him so tired that he felt the need to try out a magic eye massaging gadget… hahaha! I sure hope he didn’t sustain any lasting damage ^_^


Oh and I couldn’t help but share the signs we could see from the hotel… Frog porridge sounds interesting! We were all daring each other to try it but there just wasn’t time!


After all that there was time for one last hurrah online and then a dash to the airport!


Erica can testify to the fact that our taxi driver was the funniest man in the universe! He was giving us the good old cab driver philosophy and saying we should work less and enjoy life before our retirements! We were convinced he should write a book.


At the airport we grabbed some dinner and did a dash to the plane (almost missed it oops!). James couldn’t believe there was a Burger King, he was so excited! In Australia Burger King is called Hungry Jacks because when it first arrived the name was already taken, so it’s a novelty.


On the plane back I managed to get some sleep, dinner was some kind of fish which was icky but smelled good.


The best part was desert which was chocolate covered icecream bites!


James really enjoyed his hahahaha!


And that was our lovely trip! Now what you really want to see… the loot XD
Here’s the candy!


Things that I bought:


Nuffnang Australia had these awesome shirts made up for us, I love the one I got!!


And look… FOREIGN BUENO! And yes it tasted just as good πŸ˜€ Damn Kinder, just sponsor me already πŸ˜‰


To say thank you very much to Nuffnang and all the sponsors James and I made this photo <3


I had such a wonderful time in Singapore, I wish it had lasted longer but it was lovely and it all feels like a dream now πŸ™‚

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