That’s right everyone! We both won tickets to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards with our Pringles competition entries! OMG SO EXCITING!

Thanks so much to Nuffnang for paying for our tickets and accommodation! We are so grateful for everything and can’t wait to meet all the other bloggers going!

And OMGOMGOMGOMG we leave this Thursday! So much packing to do!

This is the first formal event I’ve ever been to (I didn’t go to my highschool formal) so I can’t even say how excited I am to be able to get dressed up. I’m putting the final touches on my outfit over the next few days but I’m going to keep it a surprise for you guys!

So you can understand why I haven’t been posting much this week, I’ve been busy making arrangements!

Over the next few days as I pack I’ll be putting together a post called “Violet’s Traveling Tip’s” so you can see how I travel in style ^_^

A sneak peak of what I’m going to take with me…. I deco’d my DS Lite this week 😀 Here’s a mini tutorial on how I did it (with some bonus photos down the bottom)!

First I got my diamante case of doom!

I arranged all of the biggest charms first and glued them down with epoxy. Don’t worry I’m just decorating a case. I used a bunch of random charms, some bows and pleated ribbon on the bottom.

Then I filled in all of the gaps with smaller jewels and pearls. I gave everything a few top coats with clear nail polish. After it was dry I popped it back on the DS.

Tadaa! Now some bonus pictures from our adventures with the stupid car! Poor little car being towed to it’s final resting place 🙁

Me at the mechanic paying for it all. They were so nice and only charged us a tiny bit! I would totally recommend them if you live in Brisbane check out Mechanix Plus in Wynnum ^_^ It actually hailed this week ! My back yard was covered in ice, if you know Brisbane’s climate you know how rare this is! I’m almost glad we didn’t have a car to get damaged XD

Well that’s it for now! Join me next week for my epic travel post!

Oh would you guys prefer that I set up a couple of automatic posts for while I’m away? Or would you just like me to set it up so my twitter updates here so you can get a blow by blow of all the fun we’re going to have?


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