Sorry for the lack of updates guys here’s an outfit at least 🙂

I have been a little stressed lately and with stress I tend to get sicker and have less energy so I haven’t had as much time for blogging as I would like.

So today I thought I’d share some shopping I did recently! A few people have asked me to write my guide to shopping so this is a little bit of a preview!

A while ago we did our shop at Chermside which is a large center on the Northside and I got a few little presents 😀

T2 is the most delightful tea shop. I could spend hours just smelling their shop. I bought the loveliest Strawberries and Cream green tea and Sleepy Good which is a tisane for relaxing that really helps me sleep at night.

My favorite purchase that day was actually a cashmere cardigan from Peter Alexander which was on sale (yay!). I am a huge advocate of creating outfits which look like a million dollars for much less but sometimes it’s nice to go for that big brand item. The girl who helped me was lovely and wrapped everything up in cute printed tissue paper.

I wish more stores would use beautiful sturdy paper bags like this! The little bow on the dog’s collar is actually a ribbon too!

And here is the cardigan! I think this is a very French co-ordinate inspired by the over romanticized version of France in my head. Ah yes of course everyone owns a poodle, has a view of the Eiffel Tower and rides a cute little bike everywhere, though I imagine that carrying a baguette all the time could get annoying 😛

Oui oui un baguette sil vous plait! J’ai une trousse d’écolier rouge. Le singe est sur la table.

I bet there would be an awful lot less war if countries were more like the stereotypes in my mind. Also there would be less irritating people in the world asking me if I ride a Kangaroo to work.

I’m enjoying doing these outfit posts, hope you are too.

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