So if you are a regular visitor here you’ll remember a few weeks back I had a horrible experience with some 1000Hour eyelash glue. Read my review here.

So after emails back and forth with the company that owns 1000Hour (ChemCorp) they were very helpful and apologetic about the allergy. They even sent me a little care package for my troubles! They refunded the money I spent on the glue originally and covered my Doctors costs and the medicine so I wasn’t out of pocket. What made me really happy was that they sent me some complimentary gifts to apologize ^_^

I received a cute little heated eyelash curler which I’ve been eyeing off for a while
Image no longer available.
And eyebrow tweezers with a built in light.
I don’t pluck my eyebrows so I gave the tweezers to my Mum. I have road tested the eyelash curler though!

Firstly I decided that the plain black was a bit boring so I deco’d it 😀 Much cuter no?
The curler comes with a cleaning brush, but there isn’t anywhere to store it so I’ll probably loose it! So here is what my eye looks like without anything on it.

The instructions say that you should apply mascara first and then turn the curler on. You wait 15 seconds for it to heat up. This is my eye with plain mascara:

There is a little light on the curler to indicate when it’s switched on and the AAA battery was supplied in the pack. I think the size is more convenient than a traditional scissor shaped curler, I can store it with my mascaras and eye pencils rather than having to find space for a traditional curler’s odd shape.

Ok so after it’s heated up you use it as if you were applying mascara. Face the heated comb on your lashes and press them upwards. Hold them there for a few seconds and you’re done! I repeated it a few times on each eye. The comb doesn’t get overly hot which was a nice surprise because I was worried about burning myself with my clumsiness XD It was still hot enough to curl and the plastic guard makes it very difficult to touch your skin with the coil. It has 2 heat settings controlled by the switch on the side.

This is after curling:
After adding a final coat of mascara:
The verdict:
I wasn’t expecting to like it because I thought the concept was a little strange but in the end I really liked the result! It was very easy to use and I think it did just as good of a job as a standard scissor one. I like that it doesn’t feel as damaging as a normal curler and the best part: There’s no way to accidentally pinch your eyelid with it! ^_^

It’s made it’s way into my standard make up kit, so that’s a thumbs up from me! Edit: You can buy one from Priceline for RRP$19.95.

Have you guys ever used one of these or have you used 1000 hour lash glue?

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