Today’s post is a big mixture of random fun awesome things and a couple of bleh things. There are a bunch of mismatched photos that I’ve been meaning to use!

Ok firstly, I may be the only one to find this hilarious but I’ve had Ayumi Hamasaki’s song “Bold and Delicious” stuck in my head for about a week now. It’s come to the point where when ever James says something is delicious I start start singing the chorus! Anyway I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this poster in the 3 shop the other day!

Bold and delicious= boldalicious which is now my new favorite word 😀

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, this is my deco business card holder! And my half finished laptop. I was going to do the deco tutorial on my laptop but I decided I didn’t like the design half way through so now I’m thinking of another one.

Now here is something sad, this week James had to say goodbye to his beloved green computer chair. He bought it for $10 from an OP shop and left it in the rain one day so it was full of gross mold. Still he refused to get rid of it. Then the back broke and still he refused to get rid of it. He tried to use it even though the back was pretty much horizontal.

It is now a recliner XD FINALLY the back completely gave out and Mr Green Chair had to be taken to the dump. RIP Mr Horrible Green Chair. James will miss you very much. I’m sure if it were legal he would have married you. Next on the agenda is a competition being run by my good friend Sigmate over at his Studio. Basically he has ca picture of the Hulk standing in the rain looking miserable by Lee Sargent up for grabs and you have to guess what he’s thinking! My answer was “Did Hulk leave oven on?”. Yeah pretty lame but I bet you could think of something better! So click here to enter! Lastly here is a pretty flower I saw when we were house hunting in Ipswich the other week.

And the obligatory silly photo of us… I have such a bad habit of pushing James out of all of these myspace style photos XD It was so intensely hot that day, our car doesn’t have working windows so they are constantly shut and the aircon is broken so it’s like driving in a greenhouse!

Unfortunately we won’t be going house hunting for a while because yesterday our car broke 🙁 Things like this seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. We were actually at Chrysler Expo which is a big car show when it happened, the funny part was that even though the place was full of mechanics they only knew about classic cars so no one could help.

CAR RANT/ We got to sit in the summer heat for an hour and a half while waiting for RACQ roadside assistance. There was a bunch of trouble because we weren’t sure who’s name the account was in. When the guy finally got there he couldn’t work out what was wrong with the car. It worked fine on the way there, it was fine of the shopping trip the day before but it wouldn’t start to go home, what kind of stupid car dies when it’s not doing anything?!

We then had to wait for a tow truck which took us to the mechanic. The guy who did the tow was scary! He was driving us on the highway while listing to the radio and WATCHING TV! We made it there in one piece and because the mechanic was closed we put the keys in the mail slot… only to realize that the tow guy didn’t lock the driver’s door! I had to stick my arm into the mail slot and fish out the keys *_*

Today the mechanic called to tell us its going to cost like $600 and that might not even fix the problem because there are a whole bunch of things which are wrong with it even though it was running fine on Saturday for our epic shopping trip. Needless to say I’m kind of cranky right now. I have a bunch of errands to do. We’re out of food and I have to get to the post office to post a bunch of stuff and pick up James’ passport 🙁

I’m going to be a lot more angry if I have to spend any more money on it. It’s sad watching all of our very hard earned savings being drained away by the car 🙁 It would be awesome if James’ wins the Nuffnang Pringles video competition, then we could actually afford to get the car windows fixed too!



So how were all of your weekends? Do anything interesting?

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