Evening everyone! Nuffnang is having another competition to win tickets to the Regional Blog Awards.

For those who haven’t heard of the competition it’s basically to show how fun Pringles are and you have to use the word “Krrunch” in place of the word “fun”.

Anyway this is my entry, I hope you enjoy it!

Today has been a very boring day 🙁

There is absolutely nothing to do. It’s my day off so there’s not even any work to keep me occupied.

There is nothing going on online either *_* No new emails, slow Twitter day and no comments to reply to!
Luckily my savior arrives! James is home and behold he’s brought lots of yummy Pringles 😀

Yaaaay! Maybe today won’t be so boring after all! Maybe it will be a Krrunch day!
After just one chip something amazing starts to happen….
I am transformed from plain old boring Violet to……………..


SUPER AMAZING KRRUNCH PRINCESS GIRL VIOLET! Gone are the boring pajamas and pig tails, replaced with a hime style ensemble! I’m ready to rid the world of bad style every where, look out people with bad fashion sense, IT’S KRRUNCH TIME!

Hmm now that you mention it, this outfit looks a little bit plain doesn’t it? I wonder how I could jazz it up a bit?
Hmm maybe Pringles will come to my rescue again!

Now what do I need? I’ll separate the cardboard from the coloured front and go from there.
Now I can gather up some other craft supplies life felt, glue and the staple of a Princess’ closet: lace!
I’ve got lots of ideas what to do but I’m going to start with 3 to begin with. Here is what I’m going to start with…

I cut a bigger circle out of the Pringles box to make the base of idea #1 and taped them together. I added some glue to make sure it would stick and left to dry.
Idea #2 sees me cut a small tube cover the outside with some squishy batting.
Now time to decorate idea #2, I got some nice ribbon and started wrapping it around the tube.
Here’s what it looked like when that stage was finished…Then I covered Idea #2 in pink felt to match my dress!
I added some pretty decorations to cover all the yucky edges and left it to dry again. Can you guess what it is yet?
While idea #1 and #2 are drying let’s get started on making some decorations for them! Remember when I stripped off the wrapping from the Pringles can? Well I’m going to make some roses with it. First cut it into strips varying in width depending on how big you want the finished rose to be. Then fold them in half so the red is on the outside.
Start at the end and fold it backwards on an angle. This is actually how you make ribbon roses but it works the same with paper.
Start curling it around. Fold the long edge backwards again and keep rolling, continue doing this over and over again.
It’s starting to look like a rose! Keep going until you reach the end of the paper and glue the end out of the way.
Repeat and make a bunch of them to decorate everything with 😀
Did you guess what Idea #1 was? It’s a mini top hat! Now add some roses and ribbons to make it even prettier.

And Idea #2? It’s a bangle! Add some roses to that too, everything looks better with roses!
Now those ones are finished, time to move on to Idea #3! I cut a Pringles can to this shape:
Next I glued the lids on both sides and covered it in felt and lace. I added a ribbon handle and used one of the roses I made as the closing mechanism.
So Pringles inspired me to make all of these adorable pieces!
Now to model them all! Cute right? Not bad for a couple of Pringles cans and lace!
Thanks Pringles, you sure made my day Krrunch in the end ^_^

This outfit looks pretty good now? I am ready for a night out on the town! (Preferably in Singapore *hint hint*)And a close up to end it all nicely ^_^ SUPER AMAZING KRRUNCH PRINCESS GIRL VIOLET TRIUMPHS AGAINST A PLAIN BORING OUTFIT!What do you guys think, am I in with a chance? It’s Krrunch time, get playful! Cross my fingers that Nuffnang will like it too ^_^

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