Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I have lots to report today, the biggest part of this post is going to be the hair tutorial that I’ve finally finished but other things first…

We’re doing this style today:

But first… remember the post I made about the Nuffnang Coles/Myer gift card competition? Well I won! I couldn’t believe it, I never win anything so this is awesome! They are sending out my $100 gift voucher so I’ll be sure to let you all know how I spend it ^_^

Don’t forget that Nuffnang is also holding the first annual blogger awards so if you enjoy reading what I write feel free to nominate me ^_^ and cross all your fingers and toes for me! I want to go to Singapore!

Next in the news is the guest blog post I did over at Lisa’s blog. I did a summer themed mani with fimo fruit so click the picture below for the full story 🙂

One more piece of news before I get stared on the hair tutorial! This is directly related to the tutorial though, on the weekend I used 1000hour eyelash glue and had a terrible allergic reaction to it. My eyes swelled shut and so I’ve had to photoshop some of these photos to not look completely ridiculous, the photos also saved really low quality due to a glitch in the camera so bleh. I’m going to be writing a review on the lash glue later this week and let’s just say it’s not exactly glowing but I’m waiting to hear back from their customer service department about treatments.

Without further ado, onto the tutorial!

This tutorial is for how to create this hairstyle. I’ve heard this called several different names (double french twists, 60’s rolls etc) but I think the name “Kitty rolls” is cutest because it reminds me of Kitty from “That 70’s Show”! This is a great style for when your hair is a bit dirty or you’re rushed for time.

You will need: -Hair spray (I’m going to review this brand later this week too)

-Bobby pins and a brush – An alice band (optional) First brush out your hair backwards so there is no part.

-Lightly spray the top and sides of your hair. This is just to give it some texture and get the bobby pins to hold. Now you should seperate a section on each side of your head. Imagine drawing an invisible line from each ear and pulling everything in front of the line forward.

Put these two parts to the front and sit the alice band behind them. This is so when we twist everything together you can hide the ends of the alice band. See the placement? Now get some bobby pins ready. It’s good to have them on hand so you don’t have to drop any hair bits to find them. I have a bad habit of opening them with my mouth XD

Start on one side and brush out one of the front sections.

Twist this section backwards.

And then place it (not too tightly) backwards and behind the alice band. This photo has been censored for my frilly peace of mind! It was a seriously bad allergic reaction! Ok now pin it in place. The best way to do this is to open the pin, grab the edge of the twirl and the push the pin into the rest of the hair with it’s open edges towards your face. This is a very sturdy way of securing the hair. Here is a video:

Haha you can here James saying “like so” at the end XD Anyway it should look like this:

Now grab another section of hair a bit bigger than the last.

Pull it upwards and twist it around the last section of hair.

Pin it in place It looks like this: Keep going grabbing sections of hair and twisting them until you reach the middle of the back of your head. Now do the same to the other side! Exactly the same process on the other side until you reach the middle. It should look like this:

And from the side: Now the back part is a little tricky so I’ve got another short video down lower. Grab all the loose hair and carefully brush it out. Spray some hairspray on it to give it some more hold.

Get those pins ready again! Ok with the hair between you fingers, roll it up. Depending on your hair length you might need to roll it over twice.

Hold it there and pin through the holes on each side until it’s secure.

Here is a video:

Ok so you’ve got the back part now it should look like this: See that weird hole in the back, let’s get rid of it!

Here is how it looks from the back, basically just keep adding pins until you’re happy with the shape. The easiest way to do this is to use a second mirror to see exactly how it looks.

Time to decorate now! Get any clips or pins you want to put in the back. The good thing about hime gyaru fashion is that you can cover any mistakes with extra bows or flowers ^_^ Don’t forget to give it a good spray, you don’t want bits coming down during the day/night.

I added two flower pins and a big rose barrette thingy that I made the other day.

And from the side: Finish doing your make up, add a bunch of accessories and you’re ready to go! Taadaa!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, once you get the hang of doing the twisting it only takes about 5 minutes. I’ve even managed on a train on the way to a job interview once XD

I’ve decided to make this week’s blog posts all about hair and beauty so expect more of this!

Lastly I’ve been considering making full videos for posts like this, would it be easier to tell what is going on in a video? Would you guys be interested in watching videos I make or prefer I just shut up and blog?

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