Today I’m going to treat you to a special guest post by my good friend Lisa from Nail Art World.

She actually made this mani inspired by me, how cool is that?! I’ve done one to go on her blog too, I’ll post the link when it’s up 😀

Lisa- “First of all i am extremely proud to be a guest here – at the Violets blog. She is the most wonderful creature i ever met in the internet, and i just admire her beauty and creativity. I am a huge fan and regular reader of this blog, and i also want to thank Violet for sharing her wonderful world with the rest of us. When i was thinking about manicure for Violet, i knew from second one – violet is a right color. I also wanted to make something super sweet and girlish, but also add a touch of my own nail-art style on it. So it is not really like a manicure for Violet, but instead a manicure devoted to Violet.”

How sweet is that? I am completely beyond flattered at this. I have to say that I love it! It’s so cute and girly, I love the little flowers and glitter. I would totally wear this myself 😀

Have a great weekend guys and make sure to check out Lisa’s nail art!

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