Ah this little ACEO doodle is how I am feeling right now!

You know those days that just draaaaag on? The main difference between me an the cute little Lolita above is that I have a packet of Timtams next to me. Who ever invented Timtams needs a medal. Or a commendation from the Queen. I wonder if the Queen eats Timtams with her tea? I like to think she does! I bet she has an unlimited supply too. Damn lucky Queen.

To distract myself I’ve been thinking about what I’m planning for this weekend…

  • Trying to finish the new Blue Crane Design website… which is what I’m doing now.
  • Decide on a design to deco my new phone case.
  • Photos for 2 hair tutorials- hot rollers and kitty rolls
  • Dye hair (if I have time to do the above tutorials!)
  • Start next website for work.
  • Try to physically leave the house and go shopping!
  • Do something crafty
  • Sleep for a decent amount of time
  • Download a bunch of new iphone apps to play with and find a cute screen saver
  • Do at least 5 more lessons of Japanese coach, write 2 entries on Lang 8 and try to learn some more kanji
  • Do my nails for guest post at Lisa’s blog

Well that’s a pretty full weekend, I better get back to work so I can start enjoying it tonight!

What are you guys going to be up to? Have any of you made ACEOs recently?