This is the story of how I made a Hime Gyaru style dress for $10.

Ok ok ok ok ok ok so you were all waiting on the edge of your seats for this post right? I’ve received a surprising number of messages from you all desperate to know what I did… well here it is!

In my previous post I mentioned this competition at my advertising company Nuffnang (who rock). The general jist of the competition is that they sent us all a $10 Coles Myer Gift voucher and the blogger who spends it in the most creative or frugal way wins a voucher for $100.

Here is the story of what I did…

One night I was busy dreaming about how much I love clothes that make me feel like a princess. I love Hime Gyaru fashion and most of all I love Jesus Diamante clothing… but it’s notoriously expensive ;_; Dresses can cost as much as $1000 which a poor little graphic designer like me just can’t afford…

But as I awoke I came up with a brilliant idea!

So I put on my favorite outfit and headed off to the shops with James to use my $10 voucher on what I needed….

I went everywhere looking for what I wanted. I visited Kmart and Target but there was nothing in my price range *_* I consoled myself with yummy pancakes filled with caramel… But alas I couldn’t find it… so after a long day shopping we went home for a nap. I was very disheartened but James convinced me to try again and visit Coles later that night… also we didn’t have any food in the house and needed to find something for dinner but that’s beside the point!

Lo and behold I got exactly what I needed! I bet you’re all about to burst from holding your breath about what I bought… TAADAAA!!

2 pink flannelet pillow cases and 1 cream scarf. Wait not what you expected? Well keep reading!

And it even came to $9.98 so I have 2 more cents to spend at Coles XD

Now let’s get to work… I took everything up to my sewing room and unpicked all of the seams in the pillow cases. Now I have 2 large pieces of pink fabric and 1 cream scarf.

I made up a pattern and cut up the pieces. I made sure to keep all of the scraps in case I need them later. I gathered and sewed the skirt piece onto the cream belt and pink bodice, I overlocked each seam to make it cleaner and more hard wearing.

Then I found a piece of lace and finished the bottom seams. I gathered the top of the bodice to make a sweetheart neckline. lt=”” id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5373387288188375186″ border=”0″ />Next I added some darts to the bust area to it fit nice and snugly. After that I added two small straps to hold it up. These were made from the scraps of pillow case.

I have been in love with all of the 50’s inspired boat neck dresses Jesus Diamante have been coming out with lately so I made my own interpretation with the remaining pieces of the scarf…

I used the fringe ends of the scarf and a scrap of pillow case to make a little pin as an accessory… And TAADAA! I turned $9.98 worth of pillow cases and scarf into a dress!

I bet you all want to see what it looks like on right? It sure isn’t “One Size Fits All” anymore!

Add some beautiful accessories and you’ve got a pretty Hime style summer dress!

I wore it to James’ family lunch yesterday and it was a big hit! I got many compliments even before they all knew what it was made from ^_^

We took all the chairs and tables outside in their garden to have a delicious feast! Very French and perfect for summer. The garden was the perfect backdrop for some photos, everything was so green!

James keeps his classic 1963 Valiant Regal car at his parent’s house because there is no room for it in our place! I’ll post some proper photos of it another day because it’s really pretty, but the star of today’s post is my dress!

Before lunch was ready James and I played around in the garden and took some photos, there were lots of gross bugs everywhere! You can’t really tell in this photo but I’m standing on a stump which is very unstable! Don’t get the dress dirty it’s so expensive I might not be about to afford to replace it!!! 😉

I decided that this was the perfect garden party dress! I have to say I’m very happy with how it turned out 😀

Say hello to everyone guys! This was desert and boy was it yummy!

And so that is the story of how I turned $10 at Coles into some pillow cases and a scarf and then into a cute dress ^_^

What do you think? Pretty close but with my own spin? For the record I know that brand replica’s are illegal and morally wrong, this is merely my own spin on the fashions that inspire me!

Jesus Diamante (Probably around$700) and me ($9.98)

Nuffnang! Please give me the $100 voucher and fill up the rest of my wardrobe!

Creative right? 😛

So what do you guys think?

P.s. Anyone who wants to nominate me for the Nuffnang blogger awards is full of win and awesome and I’ll love you forever!

Hope you enjoyed the mini Hime Gyaru tutorial 😉

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