Well a lot of you guys are my friends on Poupee Girl so I thought I’d have a talk about the new Jewel system that they’re implementing now.

If you want to know what poupee girl is have a look at my original post here.

So Katherine announced the other day that they are going to being a new campaign called Jewels.

What is it?
-Poupee has a currency of ribbons, you can earn ribbons to buy cute clothes for your Poupee at the market and at special events at Katherine’s shop. About a year or so ago they put in a new feature where you could buy ribbons. The basic idea with jewels is that now instead of being able to buy ribbons you will be able to buy jewels, a second currency.

So? What do jewels get me?
Well the only thing you can do with jewels is buy clothes at the special Jewel floor of Katherine’s shop.

And what’s the point of this?
Well judging by the current trend they are now only going to release the cutest items on the special floor of Katherine’s store. So what it boils down to is that if you want the super cute items you’ll have to spend real money and buy jewels. It also seems you won’t be able to use your jewels to buy anything other than the special items.

Apparently several other free to play webgames have gone the same way as Poupee and are more and more often implementing pay to play parts of the site. I am in no way against the creators and people who work on the site making money, they totally deserve it with the cool games they create… but I think there are much better ways to do things than this. Firstly Poupee is already full of subtle advertising, every time you leave a comment there is fine print advertising underneath. Not the mention the special even sales at Katherine’s shop which link to real world items. More special events please!

So what do other users think? Is this going to change the way you play Poupee Girl?

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