In which I enjoy breakfast in bed.

Ah as you guys know I haven’t been feeling too great lately what with work and seeming to catch every single flu and cold that blows through the city… It’s horrible some times. Having an illness which makes you immune system so low means you get sick much more often than other people on top of your usual symptoms.

But enough whining! This is a happy post because I have the best boyfriend in the whole world!

I was surprised the other day with breakfast in bed… well actually it was breakfast in couch because while he was making it I woke up and came down stairs and scared him half to death ^_^

This is probably the only photo of me you’ll ever see not dressed properly, heehee even my bathrobe is pink!

This is what I was served! It was even on a silver platter, how beautiful is that?! Peanut butter and honey toast, buttered toast, a cut up sugared strawberry, a cup of tea just how I like it and to top it all off… an Bueno! Man I love Buenos! Come and sponsor me Bueno and give me lots of free Buenos! XD

And that’s why I have the best boyfriend ever!

Now after that brief interlude of relaxation I’ve got the get back to work 😀

Upcoming posts:
-Review of an adorable CSN stores product (They sell lots of stuff like homewares, wine racks, kids/princess themed things but I’m going to be reviewing this cute hanger thingy when it arrives)
-Outfit posts
-Tutorial- how to use hot rollers
-Lots more!

Also I’m going to be cleaning out my closets and deco supplies soon and putting them up for sale on ebay. I am going to be getting rid of most of my older Lolita style clothes and lots more, if any of you are interested I’d much rather sell to friends than strangers so comment if you are interested in me making a sales post here before I do everything on ebay.

Lots of love!

Do you guys ever get treated to breakfast in bed?

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