Evening all! Excuse if this post is a little all over the place, my brain is fried from looking at code for the last 3 days. Yes I know today is supposed to be ACEO Friday but I’m so behind on posting I thought I’d scrap it this week and show you some photos from last weekend.

James and I went to Greazefest!

What’s Greazefest? Well it’s a Kustom Kulture expo, basically full of classic cars, Rockabilly/Psychobilly music and 50-60’s culture! We go every year and it’s fantastic. These are the type of cars that you can expect to see at a Kustom Kulture expo:

I spent a lot of the day posing for photos with the “normal” people, very funny as I was wearing Hime Gyaru fashion not Rockabilly ^_^ Ah they are a bit similar so everyone assumes.

This car was so tiny! I can’t remember what model it was but it litterally came up to just above my waist!
So I decided to play out my Godzilla fantasies and pretend to crush it. Hime Gyaru is a fearesome monster! RRRAAARGH!

I can’t remember what this band was called but they played a lot! None of our friends were playing this year which was quite disapointing but oh well! I do miss bands like the Voodoo Kreepers, Bad Moon Company and Men Into Space, they were all awesome 🙁

This is one of my dream cars! Pity I can’t drive XD Can you imagine going on picnics in this though?!

This is one of James dream cars haha. My god it was very hot that day, this year there were so many more people than usual too so there was no shade. I ended up cowering under my parasol all day!
How cool is the inside?
There were even adorable kid’s cars done up in classic style! So cute!!

This was the main stage, there are always heaps of swing dancers but when we took this photo there were just a bunch of kids. It’s a big family day and it’s adorable to see the tiny little girls in their swing dresses or the little boys with their turned up jeans and quiffs.
Heehee after James took this I noticed you can see us both in the reflection!

Me next to my picnic car 😀
Posing for a really nice old guy who loved this car ^_^ haha coming to Greazefest can make you feel like a celebrity!

After we walked around for 3 hours looking at the cars and market stalls I needed a break to sit. Look behind me to see the line for the food stall *_* I wanted a drink but decided to wait until we got home because it was craaaazy!

I did my nails specially for the day! James is in a psychobilly band called Sin Vida and their trademark is purple tiger stripes so this was for him ^_^ I even covered his double base with matching tiger stripe fur, it looks so cool! You can’t really see it here but the nails have silver lace on the tips and silver diamante bows.

I wanted more photos of James but he’s always so awkward when I try to take photos! He really wants a motor bike but I’m too scared he’ll fall off and die!

This is what you get when he won’t let me take real photos… Beard photos. Yay.

I also had to put up with this face everytime we turned a corner and he saw a new car! Imagine the sound effect of “AAAAWW YEAH! Look at that engine! Man that Slant 6 is so hot!” -_-‘

Ok so I got one nice of us at least! AAAAAND… you can see my hair! What do you think? Yay or nay? I think the last blonde got voted down in my poll so what do you think of this one?

At the end of the day I realised my parasol had gotten broken some time during the day and I was very sad. We went to get pearl tea and Yogen Fruz (I’m going to review it next week) to cool down which put an awesome end to the day though. I only had this sulky face for a few minutes…

Lastly here I am doing a bad job of blending in. I had such a great day, I can’t wait until next year but I hope they change venues so there’s enough room for everyone this time!

What did you guys do this week? Did any of you get to Greazefest?

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