I love baking with friends.

A while ago we were fortunate enough to stumble on a massive sale at Kmart… They had kitchen sets with like 100 pieces including pots and pans for $200… Awesome! Yay for having a matching kitchen set now 😀

So to celebrate James and I invited our lovely friend Susie over to have some fun and do some baking! She had just bought some adorable dinosaur cookie cutters so we decided to make yummy dinosaur cookies.

We mixed up all the ingrediants, how cute is Susie btw?

Half way through we got distracted because there was a little mouse outside digging in the garden!! So cute! The photo is blurry because I took it through the door, I didn’t want to go outside with it hahaha.

I imagine James is thinking “Make my cookies girls!” Hahahaha! Nice try James, no cookies for you!

Dinosaur cookies! Stamping was fun, unfortunately we picked a recipe which really wasn’t designed to make cookies.

Of course while we were having fun talking about Decoden and trying to learn Japanese, James decided to play with the cookie cutters… dinosaur threesome= Slightly adult. ^_^

While I was icing the cookies Susie played my “Japanese Coach” game on my DS. She decided right then that she was going to get one XD

Yummy cookies! The icing made them look kind of gross!

Tadaa! Smile! They were delicious… well maybe not delicious but they sure were chocolatey…

The end! What’s your favorite recipe?

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