Ok so you all kind of saw this outfit last week but oh well, I thought I’d post these anyway!

James bought himself some new lights for his photography and wanted to test them out, who better to pose 😉

Oh also sorry for missing ACEO Friday, it will be back next week 🙂

Obviously this was before I dyed my hair again , I have a backlog of photos to post from then!

Outfit consists of white stockings, modified white heels, BtSSB Sleeping Alice jsk, Thrift store Cardigan, AP bow, red Target jacket, Pearl choker and a bunch of other jewelery. There are flowers in my hair too. I just love my flowers. I’ve actually just recieved a shipment from Yuki so I’m going to be doing a couple of tutorials and things with them, look forward to it!

And I wanted to make you all jealous with my awesome pork curry for dinner the other night. I looove pork curry.

Now something which is sure to make all of you into Decoden smile… DECO GUNDAM! You read right, it’s actually a Gundam figure that someone has deco’d. How awesome is this?

I’m not sure where these pictures are from originally so credit to whoever owns them.

I love the little star coming from it’s gun!

If I were going to pilot a Gundam I hope they would have the curtacy to decorate it like this!

Now I have a question to ask you guys… is there anything specific that you would like to see on my blog? Is there a particular design of nail art you want a tutorial on? Hair style? Want to see a shop reviewed? Want to know more about me personally? Have a question you’re dying to ask? Desperate to know what shade of lipstick I wear?

Well now is your chance to ask! Just leave me a comment and I’ll add it to my “To Do” list. Or maybe just more outfit posts 😉


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