Hello lovely readers time for more nail art!

Today I’m getting back to my roots and showing you the nail art I was talking about last post. Very Hime-style and very over the top 😀 Exactly my style.

It’s been ages since I’ve done something this 3-d but I just couldn’t resist using these pretty flowers that I ordered a while ago.

The blue and pink polish was mixed with shimmer dust to make it a little bit more opaque and shiny.
I love how they turned out, the only problem I have is that because the little flowers are made of ceramics rather than sculpy they are very sharp so I keep scratching myself 🙁

Lastly I’ve been trying out new hairstyles for when I cant be bothered/don’t have time to do a proper Hime pouf. I figured I’ll get everyone’s opinion and then once I’ve done a few you can all vote on them 😀

So here’s style number 1… The Giant Updo Pouf with Flowers!

Created by teasing everything except the fringe, pinning it up at the back, spraying and sticking in flowers. Good for showing off earrings.

Yay or nay? I’m hoping for more nail art soon too.

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