Outfit time!

Firstly thank you all for your well wishes while I’ve been ill! It made me feel much better every morning to wake up to everyone’s lovely comments 🙂 I’m all rested up now and should be fine to blog 3 times a week again!

Unfortunately I’ve run out of jewels to finish my decoden tutorial at the moment but I’ll be right on it when the next batch arrive! My next post will be some of the things I’ve been deco-ing lately so you can all get your rhinestone fix 😛 Actually I did something a little bit funny with my deco while I was sick… I’m going to keep you guessing until next post though!

Now on to my outfit… OMG I love these shoes. They are incredibly painful but they look so pretty! Here is a close up…

Sexy right? The cut out bit is velvet so they even feel nice.

This brings me to today’s topic… shoes. It may be hard to believe but up until about 6 years ago I was the biggest tomboy you imagine. I refused to wear skirts and you would be hard pressed to find me in anything other than my scuffed old pair of converse chucks. In fact that’s where my old screen name chucks_bitch came from.

These are my newest acquisition. Cute but still comfy so I can shop all day, oh and work etc. They were a birthday present from my Mum, thanks Mum!

So long story short I missed out on those years where young girls are supposed to learn to walk in heels and I’m just doing it now. I got the first pair that I regularly wear last Christmas and haven’t been able to stop since. So much pain though! I’m very stubborn so I picked the highest most ridiculous pair and assumed I would be fine… I have now learned my lesson and am easing in much more sloooowly.


Mini Tutorial time!


Now a couple of people have asked me how I did this. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Step 1. Buy cute simple shoes on sale. Step 2. Buy matching flowers. Step 3. Get some thread and a needle and sew the flowers on to the shoes. Note, don’t sew through the leather just in case you ever change your mind! Step 4. Enjoy your new awesomely cute Hime-Style shoes 😀

See easy…

Lastly are any of you guys who use Nuffnang having problems when you log in? I can log in but I my stats won’t seem to show up… Just wanted to know if I’m the only one before I go and bug tech support!

Anyway it’s good to be back! Hope you enjoyed the outfit post ^_^

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