Currently this is my faaavorite outfit!

Most of that has to do with the fact that it includes my awesome shoes! They were on sale, so I bought them and added flowers to make them Hime style. Much cuter!

I also found opaque stockings on sale a Myer for $7.50! And they are *actually* opaque.

James also surprised me with this belated “Un-Birthday” cake. He made it himself, how cute is it? Btw yes my real name is Nikki but I’ve been Violet online so long now that I prefer it!

Loooove it! It was so sweet and yummy, we could only eat a tiny bit because it was so rich.

This is just a quick snapshot, see I’m not glamorous all the time 😛 It’s getting cold here in Aus so at home it’s comfy pj’s and jumpers all the way!

Ah I have the best boyfriend ever 😀