So as most of you are aware I have been very lazy about editing my birthday holiday photos! No more laziness!

Of course we have to have the obligatory landscape shot to show how pretty it was:

To be honest I’m not to big on birthdays… I mean wow I managed to not die for a whole year? Go me! I would much rather be celebrated for my achievements than my ability to not die 😛

Look at my new pill box hat! I love it, James bought it as part of my present 😀

Long way down! I was fairly casual on this holiday, more of a retro look than hime or princess. Fun style though!
I love over the top clothing but when you only have limited suitcase space it’s hard to pack more than one outfit!

We did *SO* much shopping. I had a blast.

See all this shopping?! Poor James took it upon himself to carry all my bags all day! What a gentleman! XD Ok this was slightly staged but that’s pretty much what it was like all day!

James’ Mum got me a Sally Hansen gift pack full of cool nail polishes and treatments, how nice!

One more landscape 😛
Well I had a great time. Did you guys do anything fun this week?

Oh also I can’t remember if I already mentioned this but the second article I wrote on “Choosing a Logo” is up on WomenWiseMarketing. If you want to come read just clicky here.

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