I love Sylvanian Families.

Ok I know this is fairly childish but sometimes I like to play with toys. Oh come on you have to admit that being a kid was pretty fun!

These are some toys I got in Japan, the rabbit (named Ichigo) was from a series called “Sylvanian Families” that I had a lot of when I was a child. I thought they had stopped making them but apparently not! Everything else came our of a vending machine somewhere in Akihabara.

Here they are in their box:

And all set up:

I love the crazy detailing on everything, I mean even the sandwiches have the fillings painted on the side. Man I wish my picnics looked like this!

Mmmm giant strawberry cake.

So do you guys like anything silly and childish like this or am I just a bit silly? Personally I think that sometimes when the rest of life is stressful it’s nice to have something simple.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not playing with these guys every night in my mum’s basement but I do watch Judge Judy after work to unwind! What do you guys do to relax? Do you collect dolls, toys or Sylvanian Families?

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