Is it garden party time?

James’ parents have an awesome garden! I still haven’t gotten a chance to edit my birthday photos so I thought I’d put these ones up while you’re awaiting. Blue Crane Design has been really busy so I won’t be online as much this week, or at least not online doing fun things 🙁

Very Monroe right? Damn wind always comes at the exact wrong time! Typical James feels the need to take a photo of it. This is a nice casual outfit. I’ve been doing so many crazy Hime outfits lately but sometimes I’m just too tired or don’t have time so this is what I revert to.

I don’t know why I like this one. It’s exposed very badly and looks horribly grainy. Kind of 50’s though.

Cam-whoring 😀 How awesome would this garden be for having a tea party? I want to go to more tea parties! With tea and crumpets and cucumber sandwiches. Needs MOAR sandwiches!

Such a long driveway! Who wants to have to take the bin out on Monday night all the way down the bloody drive way! Stinky bin germs everywhere!

Sorry guys this is a pretty boring post today, I’ve got lots of ideas for new interesting posts I just need to have some time to sit down and do something about it!

Hope you enjoyed the garden party a bit at least 😉