Get ready for it guys… there is going to be an overload of nail art in this!

As some of you might know I’m trying to win a competition for the most creative design using a Konad Stamping B kit. It’s over at OC Nailart, they are awesome if you ever need any Konad supplies check them out!

…well here are some of my entries, what do you guys think? I know, I know, I’ve gone pretty crazy! I want to win this so badly though!

Cutesy umbrellas, go away rain!

Used: Blue base coat, silver umbrella konad, white umbrella konad (to give depth), blue glitter polish as rain, blue nail pen for the lines.

Woo Konad! Give me prizes!

Used: Purple polish, white swoop tips, white flower stamp, pink ceramic flower.

Omg I love these, I’ve upped the contrast in the photo above so you can see the design. They are stamped with really light pink so it’s a barely there pattern. Stamp was repeated several times to create a pattern.

Sunflowers at Sunset. Orange polish with gold flecks, black konad, yellow glitter.

Love my B Kit!!

This is so much shinier in real life! Started with the turquoise base, white paisley konad and matching butterflies to make a pattern. Blue swirls to fill the gaps and green glitter.

/>Farily self explanitory… I like stars.

Green fairy garden. White base, green glitter over the top, green konad, pink tip and more glitter and jewels.

A pink garden. Pink base, gradiated silver glitter tips, white konad butterfly then a bunch of stickers.

This one is awesome, the base is actually tissue paper 😀 Then a red and white stamp over the top!

This was inspired by fireworks. Black base, light orange and white konad with transparent stars. LOTS of clear top coat!

Look they even match my eyelashes!

So there you have it! What do you think, is my nail art in with a chance?

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