Our working holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

Welcome to my holiday extravaganza! Well as some of you know I was away for a week, this is pretty much what I did… Beware… there are a lot of photos and this is the cut down version!!

We have quite a few clients up on the Sunshine Coast so James surprised me with a working holiday! Much hilarity ensued. Also, don’t expect Hime/Lolita here it doesn’t really work so well on the beach!

So here we are at the half way truck stop thing, we were eating lunch when James pulled out his camera to take a photo of his burger and the one of me above. Then the two guys approached us and started chatting to James about what a great hobby it was. They were also photographers and complimented me on my hair saying that they loved the 60’s and we chatted for a while. It ended turning into a mini-photo shoot! Everyone in the truck stop was staring, it was hilarious!

Above is the first photo they took. They gave James lots of tips on photography!

This is the guys taking more photos haha, so hilarious! They were so nice!

This is the view from our hotel room! How pretty is it? James got HEAPS of really pretty scenic photos but I’m only going to post a few. If you want to see the rest I’m sure they’ll probably turn up on his blog here…

James got up very early every morning to run along the beach. What a nut job! It was much nicer rugged up in bed. I decided to spy on him through the balcony though!

We got our Kevin Rudd bonuses which was awesome timing! Look at all this shopping! How cute is that singlet?

New nail polish! I went a bit crazy with the colours this time XD I LOVE all of them, you can’t really see but the silver on the right is full of glitter, so much so that it’s almost like painting with sand. They are all really nice, and quite cheap.

I had the WORST experience with a nail salon up there though. I’m not going to write the story right now because I’m still mad but if you’re interested ask and I’ll tell. Let’s just say now I know why I do acrylics myself.

This is what they all look like, cute huh? Ignore the ugly natural nails.

My lovely man relaxing on the balcony.

New Deco supplies~~ I got all those fake flowers for $8! I’ve got some awesome things planned for them so just you wait for the upcoming tutorials.

I love sail boats, there is something just beautifully postcard about them.

We ventured down to the rock pools in front of the hotel a couple of times and it was beautiful. More on that later.

The beach at night etc A crazy old beach fossiker. He was down at the beach every morning at like 5am looking for lost change and other beach junk.

I FINALLY MANAGED TO CURL MY HAIR! Oh my god it took forever but LOOK I did it! I also bought some long curly hair extensions… woo! I haven’t taken photos of that yet but they rock for Hime Style.

Most of the stuff here was from our day Op shopping, the Sunshine Coast has the best Op shops in the universe! Seriously, not including the stripy swimsuit and James’ 2 shirts at the back everything cost around $30 total… EVERYTHING.

Wearing my new Op shop finds. Shirt- $4, Skirt- $4, Hair Scarf- $0.20, Being Thrifty- Priceless. Ok that was tacky but how awesome is that?! The shirt and skirt were both completely new with tags too 😀

Priceline (one of the best make up/beauty shops ever) was having a deal where if you spent $50 on certain brands you got a make up bag full of things worth $80. It was a freaking awesome deal! So this is a combination of what you bought and what was in the bag (which is super cute). The things in the bag were real full sized things too not just shitty samples!

We had breakfast at the cutest little cafe and there were bush turkey walking everywhere! It was so weird seeing turkey walking around in suburbia and fighting for scraps, wtf?

Our delicious breakfast. Seriously the yummiest breakfast I’ve ever had.

Here are some shots from down at the beach. I’m generally not the biggest fan of the beach because of all the icky sand and sea creatures which can sting you but we had so much fun! Here I am controlling the waves! BOW TO ME OCEAN!

Ah! It didn’t work! Run away!

Look at him oozing Calvin Klein model XD

And after a hard day’s work we can down to the pool to relax XD

And my wonderful man makes me a cup of tea.

Best semi-vacation ever.

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed being in them XD

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