I so want a Nintendo DSi.

Oh wow guys I want this so hard… but in pink. Why didn’t they release it in pink ? ;_;

I don’t think I have anything in my possession that is as useful as my Nintendo DS. It is awesome, it’s pretty and most importantly it’s functional.

I love games like Cooking Guide, Brain Training, Legend of Zelda… and the best game ever? MYSTERY DETECTIVE!

Actually it’s called Touch Detective but in English that sounds kind of dirty so they changed it to Mystery Detective. Click here for information about it, SO CUTE!

Anyway I totally want a Nintendo DSi, but it’s got so few differences to my current DS lite that I can’t justify the cost. Especially since it’s not even pink! I think I’ll keep my current little friend and wait until the price drops and the colour changes… then I can deco the crap out of it!

Btw did I mention that the Learning Japanese game is FREAKING awesome too? Because it is! It seems to go on forever though, so if you’re playing too… がんばる!

Are you guys going to buy a Nintendo DSi or are you sticking with the older cheaper models?

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