What no ACEO?

Hello everyone!

I’m back saaafe and sound. I had a fantastic time even though I had to work for a lot of it and I’ve got heaps of photos to show you all!

Sorry I missed ACEO Friday this week, I promise it will be back with a vengeance next week for all your viewing pleasure along with some art I did while we were up there.

I did sooo much shopping 😀 My bank balance took a serious hit but totally worth it because we both got our Kevin Rudd bonuses! I capped it off when we got home with some online shopping I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER so thank you Mr Rudd! I hope I stimulated the economy enough for you XD

Once my online orders come in I’m going to use a couple of them to start writing my shop reviews, I’ve actually got a couple of ideas already so keep watch!

Thanks for keeping reading while I was gone, I’m still catching up on everyone’s blogs and I’ve got about 100 emails to get through so sorry if it takes me a few days to reply right now 🙂


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