An outfit of purple flowers and black accents.

Hmm blur-tastic. This was taken before the good camera but I’m lazy, too lazy to crop new photos right now.

I had a great Easter/Chocolate day yesterday, we went to James’ parents house for lunch.

It’s been a loooong week, I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot though. Blue Crane Design is chugging along nicely.

I’ve been having a lot of fun finding little accessories which can be hime-ified in normal shops. With the terrible exchange rate at the moment I haven’t been able to order anything from Japan. There are a surprising amount of things which can be used in the main stream shops though.

Shops like Diva and Equip and Cosmetics Plus (the most awesome shop ever) have all kinds of things in at the moment like fake flowers and pearls.

The recession has a positive side for scrupulous shoppers like me! With all of these places going into receivership and closing down there are lots of bargains to be had 😀

Btw have any of the Australians reading this gotten their Rudd Money yet? Will you be being safe or getting new outfits?

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