I do love cupcakes, I like epic cupcakes even more.

Last week on Ricoche (a gal forum) Brenli and I were discussing my lack of skills cooking. Specifically this photo:
Now I am a terrible cook, just ask James he has to eat my terrible food and try to smile why he’s doing it! Anyway the story goes my cupcakes fail but Brenli had seem similar fail turned into cute little Octopus cakes. My cupcakes decided to become a sea!

I present epic cupcake sea madness!

So you have to get all the ingrediants before you begin, I’m lazy so I use cake mix!

You’re wondering… I’ve been to Violet’s place and her kitchen is not that clean wtf?! Well i moved the mess to the other counter 😀Mix everything up until it turns up into gross but delicious sludge.Add the patty cake thingies into your dish and then colour your mixture blue and green!Pour the mix in but make sure that you leave some of the white cupcake patties sticking out because they are going to be the waves!Mix mix mix.
Looks great huh? Kind of reminds me of Playdoh… delicious!
Stick it in the oven for a while… who knows how long. My oven sucks, it’s like 3 times hotter than a regular oven and the knobs don’t work so well.

Tadaa! Looks yummy right?
Now take some time while it cools down to pose and show your outfit! I freaking love this dress!

Once it’s all cool add some icing! Make sure you don’t do this when it’s still hot because otherwise it will melt everywhere. I made this mistake last time XD

Now add as many sprinkles as you want!

Ok so it doesn’t really look like the sea but you know what I do
n’t care! It was yummy!

Hurrah time to enjoy it!

Delicious XD

So you guys want to come over and eat my crappy epic? I swear I ate it and didn’t even throw it up!
No? You’d prefer epic cupcakes? Yeah fair enough.

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