Welcome to my Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS  HIME GYARU HAIR TUTORIAL HAS BEEN UPDATED HERE. The version below is achieved by teasing your hair, if you don’t want to tease it click here for the other version. This is also only one way to do this style. I have done several others so please check the tutorial section for videos etc.

Please note that there are a LOT of photos so dial-up users beware!

This tutorial is just for the the way that I do my hair, there are several other ways to do this but this is one way that it works for me. I have done several other posts on hime gyaru hair tutorials.

Without further ado…

To start off you should have clean hair, brush all of the knots out of it and make sure it’s dry.

I’m so used to having my hair up, it looks weird to have it down!

Now get your materials together. You need a nice hair brush, a can of hair spray (I LOVE Sunsilk Super Hold)

You will also need LOTS of bobby pins
And some accessories to tie your whole look together. I like to have an alice band and a big bow to stick on the back to cover all the pins

Now let’s get started!
Brush your fringe forward and the rest of you hair backwards as if you were going to put it in a pony tail.
Now put your fingers at the tops of your ears and work them through your hair until they meet at the top. Basically what you should be doing is separating a section of hair that is about one inch thick. Pull it upwards and hold on to it for a moment.

This section will eventually become the smooth part of the quiff (top lump of hair) so you need to clip it out of the way for now. I usually twist it to the side and stick a clip in.


Pretty sexy huh?

It should look roughly like this:

Now is the fun part… Take a section of hair behind the bit you clipped off a couple of inches thick. This will be the part of hair the keeps the whole thing up!

Pull this section of hair up and keep hold of it.

At this point it might help you to tie the rest of y
our hair up. Once you get some more practice you might not bother but if it’s your first time then it makes it easier!

Now pull the section of hair up above your head.

At this point you probably look like an extra out of a Dr Suess movie!

Now is the fun part! Tease the section you’re holding until it’s massive! To tease the hair you brush it from the tips to the roots so it turns into a big knotty mess.

Now you look like a deranged Mana fan so strike your best pose!

Lol cool style in it’s own way but we’re here for Hime hair!

So grab the teased part and start squishing it into a big ball. Don’t squish it too much or it will loose it’s shape. if you want it to be bigger just tease it some more!

Now curl it backwards over on itself. It should look like a big fluffy tube from the side. If you want don’t get it right the first time just tease it up some more and try again. Remember the bigger the better!

Grab your bobby pins and pin that big old tube in place!

Once you are happy with the positioning you should use your hairspray! Don’t scrimp on the spay, if you want it to stay up all day then it needs to be sturdy. If you find that it shape isn’t roughly what you want then you can squish it into shape and add more spray, it doesn’t need to be perfect because we’re going to cover it with hair. Sexy huh?

Now is the time to take down all of the hair you’ve clipped up. See it’s starting to take shape!

This part takes a little practice so don’t worry if it doesn’t come out right the first time, just unpin it and try again!

From the inch of long hair at the front take a section at the top/middle of your head and brush it straight upwards. This section should be wide enough to cover a good part of the quiff.

Now carefully place the hair backwards over the teased bump. Make sure it’s fairly smooth.

Bring it down over the back and use a bobby pin to fix it in place. Again use your hair spray to seal it down.

Now grab a section of hair on the side and brush it up and back. Fiddle with it until it covers all the messy bits of the teased part.

Once you have it right you can pin it down and spray it in place. It should look something like this:

Now do that to the other side and you’re almost done! If you have a few stray bits like I do in the photo below just spray the area and smooth it down with your hand.

Now we’re ready to decorate! Pick out a nice big bow for the front and if you want to try out a side swept fringe then this is the time!

Side swept doesn’t look very good on me but I bet it looks awesome on you!

Now make sure you have a bow or some flowers handy to cover up all those ugly bobby pins in the back! Just pin it straight into the quiff, if you make sure to pin through the teased part it won’t go anywhere even on the windiest, rainiest, craziest day where you’re stuck on a train with your head in some guy’s sweaty armpit and you’ll be all ready for that photoshoot for Jesus Diamante!

Taadaa! All done 😀 Make sure to cam-whore it up, you just spend 923810 hours doing your hair, people should bloody well notice!

If you want, you can add hair extensions, I love them but I don’t wear them every day. Too cute!

Before you go and try it yourself you should probably see how horrible it is to take out at the end of the day *_*

Ow! Pins hurt!

Oh noes! My brush is stuck in my giant knotty tangle of hair *_*

Have fun brushing it all out! Let me suggest this, don’t just dry brush it… GET LEAVE IN CONDITIONER! This will help de-tangle it. Also you should make sure to wash and condition the hair afterward or give it a moisture treatment! If you wear your hair like this often it really needs it!

I would love to see photos of you wearing Hime Gyaru style hair! Let me know what you thought of this tutorial 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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