I found hair extensions that actually match my hair :D:D:D

That’s right! Now I can have massive Hime Gyaru curls too!

What do you guys think? Worth the $5 I spent on them?

Here is a washed out shot just do you can see the back:

I can’t believe I actually managed to find something this awesome for this cheap! I found them at a terrible discount store but after doing some research I’ve discovered that they are made from one of the higher quality synthetic hair. Not bad huh?

I just can’t believe that they actually match my hair. The reason I’m surprised is that my hair was black for a very long time but recently I dyed it red. So as a consequence it is sort of red fading into black at the tips.

So what do you think, better with long hair or short hair? I am a big hair extension fan and now I want to get them in a lot of different styles to match whatever I do with my hair next.