Hey guys welcome to Blue Crane Design!

Ok so most of you only know about the girly side of my life, but a girl has to pay the bills and to do that James and I have opened our own Graphic Design company! Hurray!

We are called
Blue Crane Design and you can visit our website by clicking on this sentence.

It’s lots of fun but it’s also lots of hard work. Anyways I just want to let you guys know that we are having a Grand Opening Sale! We are doing photo touch ups and manipulations starting at more than 50% off!

Now if you’re in America that’s awesome for you because our dollar is very weak at the moment so AU$50 equals only US$31.98! That is super good value for money!

Do you want the hottest Facebook profile pic?

Are your holiday snaps are sitting around doing nothing?

Do your wedding photos need a lift?

Does that awesome shot of you last Friday night at the pub have a pimple the size of mars in it?

Old family portraits have water or sun damage?

Grandma’s wedding photo starting to lose it’s colour? (This makes a great gift by the way)

Think it would be cool to see your best friend’s head on your dog’s body? Or your boyfriend’s head on a girl’s body? Want to make a hilarious birthday card?

Email your photo to [email protected]net for a free quote today! Or check out the special sale page of our website here!

Thanks for reading all of this guys, to reward you I’ll give you some of the pictures I’ve worked on just for fun!

How funny does Jeremy Clarkson look this young! Thanks for reading guys, I promise more girliness soon!

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