A little about decoden

I freaking love deco! It’s one of my favorite pass times right now. Here are some of my creations and tips, at the bottom are some decoden designs that I love, want or want to make myself!

Decoden or Keitai (when referring to cell phones) is basically the art of sticking gems/random cute stuff to every smooth surface of any item you own.

Keitai means mobile/cell phone in Japanese and when used in this context refers to jewel encrusted phones but you really can deco anything with enough room to fit a gem. Some other common items to deco include cameras, Ds Lite, fingernails, or if you’re me then anything that holds still long enough! Look out James, sleep with one eye open!So what’s the point? Well it’s the same as any decoration really: it’s pretty.

Deco is popular among many demographics, from Lolita and Hime Gyaru who appreciate the details and over-the-top-ness to Japanese housewives who love something cute in their lives. It can be classy and slightly subtle or crazy detailed and yummy or plain old ridiculous! Here are a couple I’ve done! You can order supplies from Strapyaworld and this Deco Livejournal community is awesome for inspiration. if you live in Japan you can also go to Glam Baby to have the “experts” do it for you (all for a modest fee of course).

Here are a few tips if you decide to be creative and give it a go:
-If you want your gems to stick permanently then make sure to use epoxy glue. Only if you don’t ever plan on changing them though, that stuff is like nails! Epoxy glue is known by different names depending on which country you live in but it’s distinguishing feature is that it comes in a set of two tubes which you mix together with a stick and then apply to the surface. It comes in 2 varieties one which dries in 5 min and one which dries in 1 hour, either is acceptable for use but if you don’t have much practice it might be better to go for the 1 hour variety so you have time to correct any mistakes. -Make sure that you have all your jewels and everything set out and ready before you mix the glue! I can’t tell you how annoying it is having rapidly drying glue that you’ve put on only to be searching around the bottom of the box you keep everything in looking for the one last tiny pink jewel you need to complete a design.

– Plan out your designs before you start, again running out of jewels half way through sucks!

Here are some awesome things that inspire me!
*edit* all of the photos I linked have since been moved or deleted */Edit*

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