Ok guys, I’m going to be offline again for awhile. We’re currently in dispute with Three internet as they say we used our 6gig limit in 11 days (which is bullshit as we’ve never used more than 1.5gig in that time frame before).

So that means I’ve got no internet again unless we go to James’ Parents house and borrow theirs. My blog has a backlog of posts for the next few weeks but please note that I probably won’t be able to reply to anything here or in emails.

If it’s urgent send me a text or just email and I’ll get back to everyone eventually.

Also if someone has dealt with 3 like this before let me know because this is crap! They said I had a 15-30 (can’t remember which) day cooling off period when we signed up and now that I find out they’re triple billing us 11 days into the contract and try to cancel it they tell me there’s no such thing as a cooling off period and they want the whole thing paid off. FUCK YOU THREE! I’ve lodged a complaint with the telecommunications ombudsmen and I’ve got hard proof and screen caps to prove we didn’t use that much data, BRING IT ON!