Poupee Girl is one of the most addictive websites around. It’s kind of like fashion crack.

I don’t think that there is a Lolita online that hasn’t succumbed to the delicious perils of the Poupee world.

Basically it’s an online wardrobe, you post photos of clothing and items you have and are given virtual “Ribbons” which are the currency used to buy virtual clothing for you “Poupee Girl” who is a little virtual dress up doll. Think the paper dolls you played with as a kid but all grown up with expensive brand items.

It’s a great time wasting site with games, a forum and a whole bunch of other things to keep you entertained. Your Poupee girl can interact with other girls in the café and you can leave comments about the items that people upload to their closets. It’s also a great way to show off your awesome wardrobe without seeming like a complete brand whore!The only pitfall that girls like me (with no self control) should be aware of it that you can actually buy ribbons. SELF CONTROL GIRLS! Remember you’re spending real money, don’t go overboard!

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