Top 5 of 2008… the good

1. Started own business/ being accepted for Neis/Registering our business name.

  • This is our first year with Blue Crane Design. It was one of the best moments of the year when we found out we were accepted for the Neis program. Even better was when we found out that we had gotten the name that we wanted! Hurray for blue crane design! Wish us luck guys!

2. Valentines day at Mooloolaba and our Anniversary

  • Oh man was this a freaking awesome couple of days. Just spending the time along with James in Mooloolaba was good to start with but we had so many adventures along the way! We ate at the best ice-cream store in the world, had dinner at the worst Life Savers club in the world and went on a 2 hour wild goose chase to find the most expensive café in the world with a nice view.

3. James quitting his job

  • Let me explain this one, James used to work at a service station (gas station for all the Americans here). He worked the night shift and it was very dangerous. Every time that I kissed him goodbye I spent all night worrying that he wouldn’t come back. The day that he finally quit was a weight floating away like a cloud.

4. Christmas dinner

  • For James Christmas is very family oriented while for me we have never really celebrated it much. Last year we did the family thing all day with no time for ourselves, he also worked the night before so we were tired all day. This year we did the family bits in the morning and spent Christmas dinner in bed having a chicken feast and watching “Love Actually”. It was awesome and romantic and a much needed relaxant.

5. Getting my groove back

  • I spent a good portion of 2008 in my pajamas, getting to love my clothing again made me really happy. Enough said.

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