Top 5 of 2008… the bad.

1. Worrying about Neis/screwing around with Centerlink

  • While it was awesome getting into Neis, there has been so much stress involved with this process! I’m so glad it’s over.

2. Having a seizure in the shower

  • I was on the floor of the shower for more than 2 hours until James found me and the feeling of helplessness is something I never want to repeat.

3. Not being able to wear nice clothes for a while

  • I love pretty things and pretty clothes. Not having a style, not having anything I love makes me sad.

4. Going to hospital and so many drs appointments

  • I hate doctors. I really really do. Nurses are awesome though.

5. Spending several hours trying to perfect curling my hair for a really important event to have it ruined by humidity.

  • Curling my hair or straightening it has never been a talent of mine. Who knows, maybe I’ll perfect it in 2009? Yes I know it’s lame but I couldn’t think of a last one.

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