My boyfriend James (also known as Jimmy America) features fairly heavily in my journal so I thought I’d introduce him a little bit. So without further ado…

Getting to know James aka Jimmy America!

James asked me to include in this bio that he is devilishly handsome and only drools occasionally. At least the former is true.

Also he says that he heard me bragging to my friends that his pleasure wand was unsurpassed. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

On a slightly more informative note, James is a wonderful man. We have been living together for more than a year and still loving every minute of it.

He is a graphic designer and he loves classic cars and 50’s-60’s nostalgia. He has a 1963 Valliant AP5 Regal who I compete with for attention along with his drums/guitar/double bass/bass. James is a fantastic musician.

He is a loving, genuine man and is polite to a fault. If the whole karma theory pans out I’ll be hoping to get by on his good deeds. He’s the link of person who will find a wallet full of money and spend his own to try and return it to his owner. He spends half of his life trying to get me to relax and de-stress. Even though James hates tea he still makes it for me. I don’t think I’ve met anyone nicer in my life.

Most importantly Mr. Jimmy America puts up with me!

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