Ok I’m back in business guys. I’ve got a new home here at blogspot, hopefully I’ll be staying a while! Lolita Fashion Daily is down for good, or will be soon anyway so don’t bother going back, it’s all here now.

I’m going to be making much more of an effort to keep this up this year, consider it a New Year’s resolution!

In future you’re going to find a whole lot of pictures and tutorials here, I’ve got a whole lot of plans so keep watch and it’ll be interesting for you all hopefully!

This year my focus will not only be on Lolita but also Hime and possibly some Gyaru things. Maybe just princess-y things in general. I like pretty things and I’ll be sharing them with all of you!

I hope the new year is treating your guys well and I look forward to spending it with you 😀

Goodbye Lolita Fashion Daily and welcome Tales of an Ingenue!


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