This android was drawn for an audition for a webcomic. I can tell you I won’t be working for them anytime soon >_<

So life eh? James’ lesson got canceled today, did I tell you that he’s started teaching guitar, drums and double bass? Well he has but his guitar kid was feeling really sick today and it turns out that James is feeling really sick too. He’s lying on the couch feeling sorry for himself at the moment and watching some music video show. More time for me to draw androids I guess.

I haven’t done much drawing this week. My eyes are really bothering me, I can’t spend more than about 20min on the computer before I need a break. I need to see my optometrist again for some new glasses.

*edit* Please note that this is an old entry which seems to have lost it’s picture of a robot android woman, it will not be updated in future*/edit*